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Doka Estate

Since 1940, the Vargas family has been dedicated to growing quality coffee in the central valley of Costa Rica. Initially, their efforts were focused solely on this activity, years later they begin to make inroads into coffee processing as well. First, with Wet Coffee Storage and then the drying phase of the coffee, while introducing new technologies along the way. Finally, they enter the international market exporting the “Grano de Oro” or golden bean, a process in which the Vargas family now has more than 50 years of experience.

TRES GENERACIONES, a Vargas family brand that was born in 1996, represents the family’s standing as a top producer in the coffee business with their aim to grow the best beans and deliver the highest quality coffee on the market. TRES GENERACIONES selects and roasts only the finest beans produced at DOKA.

Doka is a full production coffee plantation that the Vargas brothers acquired in 1985. The Doka plantation has been awarded, on two consecutive occasions, the SINTERCAFE award as Best Coffee in the World! Doka is also considered the best plantation in Latin America and since 1999; it offers the “El Verdadero Tour de Café” or DOKA ESTATE COFFEE TOUR, available for both nationals and foreigners.

Doka’s intent is for all tour visitors to participate and share in the festivity of the production and process of the most famous agricultural product of our country. Besides, it has the oldest Wet Coffee Storage in the country still in production, moved solely by the force of water without using any electricity, resulting in its designation as a Historical and Architectural Heritage site by the Government of Costa Rica in June 2003.



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